How to Care for Your Car Battery

Batteries are chargeable, and it’s an excellent idea to carry jumper cables or a portable battery charging system in your car in emergencies. You never know when you will need to jump-start your automobile or even help out an additional motorist in need. When your battery is broken down, reuse it! Battery recycling can decrease the resources needed for producing brand-new batteries. When you reuse your batteries, you can also stop hazardous chemicals from landfills or incorrect disposal.

Car Battery Care Tips

To help you care for your battery, we suggest the following:

  •  Clean and eliminate oxidation and add anti-corrosive protection
  •  Tighten up loose hold-down clamps and terminals
  •  Test battery condition
  •  Check the alternator belt tension and wear
  •  Keep in mind to turn off front lights, cabin lights, and the vehicle radio when the car isn’t in use

Car Battery Replacement

Your automobile’s battery is crucial to start your engine. Battery recycling can lower the resources needed for manufacturing new batteries. Allow our staff of mechanics to aid you in deciding on the correct battery for your car. We can also carefully and skillfully install your battery and get you back on the road. See us today for all your battery care needs. Contact Trusted Tire & Auto soon to book your next battery replacement or other Minot and Bismarck auto repair service.