What Does The Steering-Suspension System Do?

The steering system and shocks bear the weight of your automobile, keep the tires on the road while driving, and help in delivering a smoother, more controlled ride.

Why Service is Important

The steering and suspension system should be checked yearly to prevent significant repairs. Anytime you feel indicators of steering or suspension issues, have your mechanic check your automobile to deal with the complication swiftly. Extended steering and suspension concerns will lead to extreme safety threats in the future.

Signs of a Bad Suspension System

Signs that you need your steering and suspension system checked consist of:

  •  Pulling to the side
  •  Complications steering
  •  Troubles driving over uneven roads or dips
  •  The vehicle continues to bounce after hitting a bump
  •  Tires wander or wiggle
  •  Steering appears to be slipping

Get a Suspension System Inspection

To help ensure your steering and shocks are functioning correctly, a professional may examine all of your steering and suspension components and will also evaluate:

  •  Power steering fluid
  •  The rigidity of nuts and bolts
  •  Uneven tires or wear
  •  Unbalanced tires
  •  Loose or used power steering belts
  •  Issues with alignment
  •  Shocks and Struts
  •  Steering Tire Alignment

Our technicians will also inspect your tires and tire balance to ensure the troubles are not tire-related. We will take care of all your steering requirements, call or drop in today for an estimation!

Shocks & Struts Repair

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